gaussian pdf
Sparse Spectrum Gaussian Process Regression.pdf.pdf 174.21 KB
GPLP: A Local and Parallel Computation Toolbox for Gaussian Process Regression.pdf.pdf 42.27 KB
Gaussian Kullback-Leibler Approximate Inference.pdf.pdf 900.83 KB
Walk-Sums and Belief Propagation in Gaussian Graphical Models.pdf.pdf 337.27 KB
Stochastic Complexities of Gaussian Mixtures in Variational Bayesian Approximation.pdf.pdf 137.05 KB
Near-Optimal Sensor Placements in Gaussian Processes: Theory, Efficient Algorithms and Empirical Studies.pdf.pdf 42.17 KB
Exploring Chemistry With Electronic Structure Methods 2nd ed - J.B. Foresman, E. Frisch (Gaussian, 1996).pdf.pdf 11.64 MB
Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning (GPML) Toolbox.pdf.pdf 53.76 KB
Approximate Marginals in Latent Gaussian Models.pdf.pdf 3.40 MB
C. Rasmussen, C. Williams - Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning - 2006.pdf.pdf 2.68 MB
Pairwise Likelihood Ratios for Estimation of Non-Gaussian Structural Equation Models.pdf.pdf 1.11 MB
Random Walk Kernels and Learning Curves for Gaussian Process Regression on Random Graphs.pdf.pdf 504.99 KB
A Case Study on Meta-Generalising: A Gaussian Processes Approach.pdf.pdf 381.32 KB
Restricted Eigenvalue Properties for Correlated Gaussian Designs.pdf.pdf 149.85 KB
Model Selection Through Sparse Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Multivariate Gaussian or Binary Data.pdf.pdf 277.63 KB
Nested Expectation Propagation for Gaussian Process Classification with a Multinomial Probit Likelihood.pdf.pdf 1.14 MB
DirectLiNGAM: A Direct Method for Learning a Linear Non-Gaussian Structural Equation Model.pdf.pdf 912.63 KB
A Linear Non-Gaussian Acyclic Model for Causal Discovery.pdf.pdf 407.50 KB
Robust Gaussian Process Regression with a Student-t Likelihood.pdf.pdf 741.42 KB
Graphical Methods for Efficient Likelihood Inference in Gaussian Covariance Models.pdf.pdf 240.70 KB
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